• What are the dominant factors in the steel market in the second half of 2020?


    It is now in the second quarter and nearly halfway through the year. Overall, China's steel market situation in the first half of the year was stronger than expected: domestic consumption grew steadily, the decline in export demand narrowed, and steel enterprises actively increased production. Against this backdrop, what are the national steel market trends for the second half of the year? What are its dominant factors? will enter the limelight and become the focus of attention. It should be said that uncertainty is the most important factor influencing the steel market in China in the second half of the year, which determines the basic direction of the steel market. These uncertainties, in turn, will revolve around the "new crown epidemic". Read More

  • Steel market's supply-over-demand conflict will become more pronounced in 2020


    For the future of commodity prices, ShengWan Futures Financial analyst Wang Yang believes that, subject to the global economic weakness, capacity increase and other negative impacts, the situation of commodity downside is difficult to break. However, by the Federal Reserve cut interest rates, monetary easing, the trade situation repeatedly, the domestic infrastructure and other policy effects of steady growth, some commodity prices or repeated, increased volatility, the overall commodities will still show a bear market pattern. Read More

  • What will happen if the ecological balance circle of steel pipe is broken?


    The current pipe market is highly competitive with numerous brands, including but not limited to the following three forms: Settle for the status quo, Expansion and Take three steps and walk one step,So what happens if there is an imbalance in the weight that one of them occupies? Read More

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