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What will happen if the ecological balance circle of steel pipe is broken?

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Let's talk more about these three different types of businesses.

First of all,Complacency type: this kind of enterprise has its own outstanding advantages in some aspects, such as product quality is unanimously recognized by downstream businesses, outstanding patents and technical advantages, or has a symbolic guiding role in the industry, etc.;In the short term, competitors in the same industry are difficult to surpass, so they choose to maintain the status quo.The advantage of such enterprises is that they know how to measure the situation, while the disadvantage is that they do not continuously enhance their competitiveness and are easily overtaken or even replaced.

Secondly, Aggressive expansion: such enterprises have the ambition to expand their territory and land, the ambition to be the first, and have the spirit of enterprising entrepreneurs, but the premise of expansion is abundant capital, can not appear "break", otherwise it is easy to fall short and make a solid foundation.The advantage of such enterprises lies in their strong enterprise and brand consciousness, which can quickly cover the upper, middle and lower reaches, blossom everywhere and make a splash. With strong market sensitivity, they can quickly take the lead in the industry.Disadvantages lie in the large amount of capital, heavy financial pressure, in the operation of the need for careful calculation.

The last one,"three steps, one step" type: this kind of enterprise belongs to the prudent operation type. After careful consideration, the decision is made after repeated investigation.The advantage is that the probability of success is large, the risk of failure is greatly reduced, belongs to stable heavy.The disadvantage is that it is easy to miss the golden moment of trading and transaction, especially when the market volatility is large, it is easy to miss the opportunity of sudden wealth, but also avoid the risk of a slump.

These three types of enterprises constitute the current ecological balance circle of the steel pipe industry. Just imagine, there are three brothers with different personalities. Without either side, the market will be in chaos. So what happens if there is an imbalance in the weight that one of them occupies?

Enterprises that are comfortable with the status quo on the market fluctuations caused by "minimal"; expansionist enterprises always have a hanging heart, financial has been a knife in his head, as long as the flow of funds to ensure unimpeded, basically no hindrance; "see three steps to take one step" type of enterprises to play a positive role in the market to guide the larger, everything is the result of thinking twice.


These three types of enterprises, once imbalance, resting on the status quo enterprises want to make a comeback, need to pay more technical investment and financial investment, especially the brand effect will be damaged, need to set up further; wanton expansion type need to rest and recuperate, slowly recuperate, recovery process is slow; "see three steps to take one step" type once failure, the impact cycle should be the shortest, because he has already thought of two kinds of results when making the decision to cope with the program, so the operation can quickly complete the counter-attack, broken bones is not so much, but bloodshed is inevitable.


From the microscopic point of view of the pipe ecological equilibrium circle: manufacturers have not been updated or product changes in terms of production lines or production varieties The words, being eliminated is destined to be the final outcome, especially in today's increasingly competitive world, so it is necessary for businesses to strengthen their own hard Strength. Of course, soft power can not be ignored, especially in the branding of investment, after all, the wine is also afraid of deep lanes.

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